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Starting Date, Type, Title, File
No Year Award Name Affiliation
32 2016 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Downloaded

Hossein Zabihi Islamic Azad University, Iran
31 2016 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Cited

Hyun Woo Kim Anyang University, Korea
30 2016 KSCE International Cooperation Award

The Islamic Republic of Iran

Mr. Hassan Taherian Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran
29 2016 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

The Damage Behavior of Ligthweight Concrete Fabricated with Coal Ashes after Exposure to High Temperature

Yei Been Ahn KAIST
28 2016 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Psychological Conditions of Construction Workers : Key Determinants for Safety Perceptions and Behaviors

Soram Im Seoul National University
27 2016 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Assessment of Travel Time Variability of O/D Trips using Web-Crawling Data

Sung Hoo Kim Yonsei University
26 2015 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Published

Gye-Chun Cho Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea
25 2015 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Downloaded

P. Ramanathan Highway Department, India
24 2015 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Cited

Dae Sung Lee Dong-A University, Korea
23 2015 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Treatment of Ethanolamine using an Ferric-based, Two-chamber Microbial Fuel Cell with Continuous Ferrous Iron Oxidation at the Air Cathode

Seok-Ju Seo Hanyang University