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[News][October 17, 2019] 2019 CELeN Annual Meeting at KSCE CONVENTION
Date : 2019.08.27 View : 169





Important information:


Date/Time: Thursday, October 17, 2019, 15:30-17:30

Venue: Room C (Pyeongchang Hall2), 1st floor, Convention Center, Pyeongchang Alpensia


Deadline of registration: by October 1, 2019




Session I (English) (Time: 15:30 - 16:30)
The first session will be held under the theme “Career challenges and opportunities for international civil engineers in Korea”. The invited speakers will talk about their professional experiences in Korean civil engineering projects, either domestic or international. These will provide guidelines for finding opportunities for a civil engineering career in Korea or Korean engineering firms.

Session II (English) (Time: 16:30 - 17:30)
The second session will be organized as a presentation contest for the students under the theme of “What do we need to know to work as civil engineers in different countries”. This is an opportunity for international civil engineering students to challenge themselves in term of introducing the current status of civil engineering works from their country. On the other hand, they can also show their confidence to deliver an eloquent speech about their concern with civil engineering works in their home countries.

The last annual meeting in 2018 was very successful which had the participation of three invited international speakers in section I (from Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.; GS E&C Co., Ltd.; POSCO E&C, Co., Ltd.), and three international-student presenters in section II, as well as the presence of other international students, and researchers, professors, experts in Korea. The meeting promises to bring some interesting technologies as well as new perspectives to solve the common problems in civil construction. 

Prizes and transportation support-fee (around ~100,000 to ~200,000 Kwon) will be given to students participating in this contest.
All international guests are invited to join.