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Starting Date, Type, Title, File
No Year Award Name Affiliation
70 2023 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Cited Paper

Zhong-Fei Xue Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology
69 2023 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Downloaded Paper

Kyeongbaek Kim Dongguk University
68 2023 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Published Author

Lijun Han China University of Mining and Technology)
67 2023 KSCE-Springer Award

Best Editor

Hyungchul Yoon Chungbuk National University
66 2022 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Cited

Weijian Yu Hunan University of Science and Technology
65 2022 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Downloaded

Haiyan Jin Chongqing University
64 2022 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Published

Zhengxing Guo Southeast University
63 2022 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Hysteresis Modeling Framework Using Bouc-Wen Model Considering Cracking Effects

Sebin Oh Seoul National University
62 2022 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

A Study on Inflow Series Generation for Assessing Drought Mitigation Capability of Dam

Jiheun KIM Seoul National University
61 2021 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Investigation of dynamic behavior of slopes during earthquake using centrifuge tests