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Starting Date, Type, Title, File
No Year Award Name Affiliation
56 2020 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Cited

Guoqing Gui Chongqing Institute of Engineering
55 2020 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Downloaded

Hassan Mujtaba Shahzad University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore
54 2020 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Published

Xiao-Li Yang Central South University
53 2020 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Data-driven damping evaluation of cable-supported bridges from long-term data

Doyun HWANG Seoul National University
52 2020 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

A study on development of models estimating the amount of flood waste

Man Ho PARK Seoul National University
51 2019 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Cited

Mohammad Albitar (Mark Betar) The University of Melbourne, Australia
50 2019 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Downloaded

Patrick Miller Steer Davies Gleave, Canada
49 2019 KSCE-Springer Award

Most Published

Dong-Eun Lee KyungPook National University, Korea
48 2019 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Evaluation on Thermal Performance of Coaxial-type Ground Heat Exchanger

Kwanggeun OH Korea University
47 2019 ICE-KSCE Master's Thesis Award

Numerical Investigations of Shear Behaviour in Unsaturated Granular Soils

Hyunbin Kim Dankook University