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International Cooperation (AOC with 27 societies)

The KSCE is expanding its cooperation with overseas societies to promote the development of a closer working relationship with different countries, and to enlarge the exchange of technical, scientific and professional knowledge for the benefits of the civil engineering profession.
Signed Date Country Society / Institute Website
1988-01-10 ASCE
American Society of Civil Engineers
1989-11-17 JSCE
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
1991-04-11 ICE
The Institution of Civil Engineers
1993-05-04 CCES
China Civil Engineering Society
1996-07-23 PICE
Philippine Institution of Civil Engineers
1996-07-27 PII
Persatuan Insinyur, Indonesia
1996-07-30 IEM
The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia
1999-02-25 EA
Engineers, Australia
2000-04-26 CICHE
Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
2000-04-26 VFCEA
Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations
2001-02-17 IEB
The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh
2001-06-15 IEP
The Institution of Engineers, Pakistan
2002-10-28 EIT
The Engineering Institute of Thailand
2003-04-03 NEA
Nepal Engineers' Association
2003-12-01 MACE
Mongolian Association of Civil Engineers
2003-12-19 IEI
The Institution of Engineers, India
2005-11-08 CSCE
The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
2013-02-23 ICE
The Institution of Civil Engineers, India
2013-04-26 ESE
Egyptian Society of Engineers
2013-05-21 HKIE
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
2013-05-30 ECCE
European Council of Civil Engineering
2013-06-21 CIC
Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Costa Rica(Society of Civil Engineers, Costa Rica)
2013-08-18 HAKI
Himpunan Ahli Konstruksi Indonesia (Indonesian Society of Civil and Structural Engineers)
2013-08-26 SAICE
South African Institution of Civil Engineering
2013-10-24 TCCE
Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers
2014-10-28 CIP
Peruvian Association of Professional Engineers
2019-10-16 Fed. MES
Federation of Myanmar Engineering Societies